THE PUFFIN CULTURAL FORUM, Teaneck, NJ, June 24, 2016

Join Eunice Lipton as she reads from and discusses A Distant Heartbeat at The Puffin Cultural Forum in Teaneck, NJ on June 24, 2016. More info HERE.

puffin-color-logo-two-linesTHE PUFFIN CULTURAL FORUM, a project of the Puffin Foundation Ltd., is the gallery and performance space located at the site of the Foundation’s administrative offices in Teaneck, New Jersey. Their work takes place at the intersection of the arts and the struggle for human rights as they seek to realize in their local community the Foundation’s governing motto: “…continuing the dialogue between art and the lives of ordinary people”. They deeply believe in the crucial role that the arts play in shaping our consciousness, and the role of artists as agents of social change.


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